Fibre Doors

The FRP doors and frames specially designed polymer materials used in our door construction provides superb strength without adding weight. FRP doors are flush and sealed on all six sides. FRP doors not affected by moisture even if submersed for extended periods of time.

FRP Biogas tank

FRB biogas tank use for biogas productions. The FRP tanks are very strong and hold pressure. It is no leakage, FRP won't rust when exposed to fresh or salt water. The tanks are long life to use.

FRP Bus body parts

Bus and trucks front and back end cowl. It provides Low coefficient of thermal expansion and High impact strength.

FRP Coracle

FRP Coracles are strong, durable and do not require maintenance. Since it is lighter it can be carried to different locations by the migratory fishermen who are engaged in coracle fishing in the reservoirs.

FRP Fan shroud

FRP Fan shroud used to control the airflow. High durability and long service life.

FRP Tank (Square & Round)

FRP tank materials offer unique advantages over the wide range of important tank properties which include chemical compatibility, impact resistance, Weather ability, cost, high temperature performance, pressurized applications, stress crack resistance, environmental friendliness.

  • No rust or need for painting
  • Non-conductive (prevents shorting out electrical equipment).
  • The tanks are completely sealed from dust, bugs, vermin, and, light - therefore contamination is rare, algae and micro-bacterial colonies will not form and evaporation is near-zero.
  • The need for chlorine dosage is significantly reduced.
  • Washing is rarely needed, and the unique floor design ensures full free-flow drainage when cleaning thus eliminating any occurrence of sedimentation.

FRP Roofing Sheets

It helps in protecting the house from wind, rainfall, storm, etc. There are less possibility water drainage and leakage if maintained in a proper manner.
Fibreglass roofing is light in weight as compared to other roofing methods. As metal roof and wood roof are weighted but fibreglass roof is light in nature and with different and fascinating styles on it.
It has longer life period in cool weathers so it is preferable to install it in the cooler region places.

FRP Wave slides

We are offering different sizes and shapes of Slides which suits to different age groups of children. We are manufacturing slides such as Plain, Double, Spiral, Roller, Tube, Wave, etc. which provide ultimate experience of joy & excitement to the Kids.

FRP Roofing Sheets

We are offering two types of boat

  • FRP fishing boat
  • FRP pedal boat